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Making Ireland Competitive Again

January 18, 2009

Making Ireland Competitive Again

The economic crisis of 2008 is now drifting towards becoming a national calamity of unprecedented proportions with the prospect of bringing Ireland to its knees again. Unless a survival plan is produced during … Continue reading

Reform and National Recovery

Addressing the unprecedented crises in which Ireland finds itself calls for swift and radical action. The Government must focus on the two most crucial issues

  • cut public expenditure
  • improve international competitiveness

Annual public expenditure has more than doubled since 2001 … Continue reading

Export Education

International education: addressing Ireland’s shortcomings

Ireland’s reputation as a quality location for international study leaves much to be desired: as a result it is failing to take advantage of quite a special opportunity.  Why special?  Because international students are increasingly … Continue reading

Characteristics of the World’s Best School Systems

Characteristics of the world’s best school systems

Edward Walsh                                                                                   31 October 2008

Competition in the knowledge economy is a race for talent and governments worldwide have been boosting educational expenditure to improve facilities, increase teachers’ salaries and reduce class size. … Continue reading

University Fees

University fees are going to be reintroduced.  The only question is how and when.

The answer to the first question is found in places like Australia and New Zealand. There, all students who go on to third-level pay fees, but … Continue reading

Transforming Limerick

Two initiatives that would transform Limerick and its region

In the knowledge economy strong vibrant cities of scale with coherent vision and governance are the key economic drivers of whole regions.

Limerick and its region have great potential but in … Continue reading

Ireland’s Energy Policy 2008

Getting Ireland’s Energy Policy Right

Mr Gladstone, when accused of changing his mind responded ‘When the facts change I change my mind; what do you do sir?’

The facts, economic, geopolitical, environmental and technological have been changing rapidly in the … Continue reading

Ireland’s Competitiveness

Making Ireland Competitive Again

Brian Cowan assumes national leadership at an unenviable time: unemployment and consumer confidence are heading for heights and depths not seen since the bad old days.  Ireland’s competitive position has been on a downward trajectory for … Continue reading

University for Waterford

The Case for a University in Waterford…and nowhere else

Led by Cork, twelve Institutes of Technology are ganging-up on Waterford.

Cork IT’s mischievous application for university status last week, followed within days by eleven other ITs, is designed to scupper … Continue reading

Ireland: Key Issues: 2007


Overdependence on FDI

·90% of exports produced by foreign companies

·Strong competition for FDI emerging….new EU states, China, India



·Labour intensive activities closing and moving to lower-cost countries.

·Low level of research activity

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