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Waterford University

University vital for Southeast

The 900 job losses announced in a single week by four different multinationals highlight the significant change taking place in the Irish economy.  High costs and the maze of employment regulation in Ireland are stimulating multinationals to move jobs to more attractive locations.  Labour intensive jobs are most at risk.

The development agencies have been doing a remarkable job in generating replacement jobs.  But attracting manufacturing activities to Ireland is becoming increasingly difficult and now most of the new jobs are in the knowledge-intensive sectors that tend to gravitate towards regions with urban areas of scale Continue reading...

Waterford & its University: 2005

Waterford is Ireland’s only Gateway city without a university. The proportion of the population in the South East region with degrees is 25 percent lower than even in the West, the traditional focus of government regional attention. Because of its skills deficit advanced manufacturing and service enterprise has tended to bypass the South East, leaving what was once one of Ireland’s most prosperous regions now one of its weakest. Without corrective action the region’s problems are likely to grow as labour-intensive enterprise is driven from Ireland by high labour costs and intrusive regulation.

A recent report by Goodbody Economic Consultants … Continue reading...