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Ireland’s Energy Policy 2008

Getting Ireland’s Energy Policy Right

Mr Gladstone, when accused of changing his mind responded ‘When the facts change I change my mind; what do you do sir?’


The facts, economic, geopolitical, environmental and technological have been changing rapidly in the energy arena and shifting in favour of nuclear.  Mature governments worldwide are emulating Mr Gladstone.


For good reason: countries with substantial nuclear power programmes are seen to be holding down their energy costs and gaining competitive advantage.


France with its 59 nuclear power plants provides a vivid example.  Electricity prices there are amongst the lowest in Europe. In contrast costs Continue reading...

Ireland’s Competitiveness

Making Ireland Competitive Again

Brian Cowan assumes national leadership at an unenviable time: unemployment and consumer confidence are heading for heights and depths not seen since the bad old days.  Ireland’s competitive position has been on a downward trajectory for some years and this is likely to make matters worse as the months of 2008 tick by. Shrinking exchequer revenues, aggravated by increasing social welfare costs threaten to move the budget into serious deficit.  Prompt and stern action will be called for when Brian Cowan assumes office if the ship of state is to be put back on course and Continue reading...