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University for Waterford

The Case for a University in Waterford…and nowhere else

Led by Cork, twelve Institutes of Technology are ganging-up on Waterford.

Cork IT’s mischievous application for university status last week, followed within days by eleven other ITs, is designed to scupper … Continue reading

Remunerating University Presidents

Remunerating University Presidents

Ed Walsh

Competition in the knowledge age has become a race for
talent: universities have moved to the apex of the competitive system in developed
countries. World-class universities give a special competitive edge: they strongly
influence foreign … Continue reading

Wrixon: UCC’s Courageous President

During my years as president of the University of Limerick my colleagues and I were pleased indeed at the relaxed approach to change and development adopted by successive presidents in UCC.  As Cork dawdled Limerick forged ahead. Year after year … Continue reading

Leaving Certificate Examination Grades

In a decade the percentage of CAO applicants with more than 450 points has almost doubled.  Prior to 1995 it was most exceptional for any student to achieve the six A1 Leaving Cert grades necessary to produce the highest possible … Continue reading

Waterford University

University vital for Southeast

The 900 job losses announced in a single week by four different multinationals highlight the significant change taking place in the Irish economy.  High costs and the maze of employment regulation in Ireland are stimulating multinationals … Continue reading

Waterford & its University: 2005

Waterford is Ireland’s only Gateway city without a university. The proportion of the population in the South East region with degrees is 25 percent lower than even in the West, the traditional focus of government regional attention. Because of its … Continue reading

Fees & University Funding

In 1996, the same year that China announced it was introducing university fees, Ireland informed its electorate that fees would be abolished.  The decision was taken quickly because of the political exigencies of the day. There was no consultation: the … Continue reading

UCC Conferring 2004

Privatising Universities


Station:                NEWSTALK 106

Programme:        DAVID McWILLIAMS

Date:                    21 May 04

Presenter:  Let us stick with the idea of perceived elitism in education because it’s once again come under the radar stream with the publications in the … Continue reading

University Challenge. Wall Street Journal


Let the Market In


DUBLIN — At the start of the decade, Europe set out, in its ambitious Lisbon strategy, to build “the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world” by 2010. … Continue reading