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Reform and National Recovery

Addressing the unprecedented crises in which Ireland finds itself calls for swift and radical action. The Government must focus on the two most crucial issues

  • cut public expenditure
  • improve international competitiveness

Annual public expenditure has more than doubled since 2001 … Continue reading

Ireland’s Competitiveness

Making Ireland Competitive Again

Brian Cowan assumes national leadership at an unenviable time: unemployment and consumer confidence are heading for heights and depths not seen since the bad old days.  Ireland’s competitive position has been on a downward trajectory for … Continue reading

Ireland: Key Issues: 2007


Overdependence on FDI

·90% of exports produced by foreign companies

·Strong competition for FDI emerging….new EU states, China, India



·Labour intensive activities closing and moving to lower-cost countries.

·Low level of research activity

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Irish business: restoring its image

Lew Glucksman, former Chairman of Lehman Brothers and one of the towering figures of international business, who died recently in Ireland, spoke of the merits of a healthy tension between government and business that results in an effective legal and … Continue reading

Waterford University

University vital for Southeast

The 900 job losses announced in a single week by four different multinationals highlight the significant change taking place in the Irish economy.  High costs and the maze of employment regulation in Ireland are stimulating multinationals … Continue reading

Ireland’s Fragile Economic Success

Ireland’s indigenous exports have grown negligibly over the past decade.  In contrast industrial exports of US firms in Ireland have boomed and now represent some 80 percent of the total. Were US firms to drift abroad during the coming years … Continue reading

The Future of Ireland

The Last Lecture Series


2 February 2005           

Science, Technology and the Future of Ireland

Edward M Walsh

In a lifetime Ireland has transformed itself from being one of the poorest countries in Europe to one of the most affluent. … Continue reading

My Favourite Share

Article prepared by Edward M Walsh at the request of Senator Shane Ross for MY FAVOURITE SHARE.  Sunday Independent. 

I was at school in 1955 when I bought my first shares: 100 Lobitos Oil at 3/6. The stock market and … Continue reading