Friends, Foes & Founding a University





Memoir published by The Collins Press, 2011

3 Responses to Memoir

  1. Monsieur Moran
    Such a wide range of enemies were fostered you can feel confident that at least some of those you want are included.
    Comme toujours

  2. From The Collins Press
    We saw the comment from Terry Moran – you can let him know that we offer 20% discount on all purchases through our website, although we charge p&p.

  3. Terry Moran says:

    A chara –

    I think I’d better read this. Is there a staff discount?

    I can’t wait to find out whether the enemies you made are the enemies I wanted you to make.

    Rose and I can’t help noticing that you and Stephanie have yet to make an appearance down here in SW France. Kindly give this matter your attention at your earliest convenience.

    Mise, le meas


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